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Charity has a highly developed secret sex life. In her rich and varied fantasies, she's always in charge. Always in control of the exquisite pleasures her imaginary lovers inflict on her.

Until the night a fascinating stranger walks into her dreams. A man with ideas of his own, whose initiative and imagination go way over the top, considering he's just a figment of her imagination.

Or is he?
An Exotica romance from Ellora's Cave

available October 15, 2014

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a time travel romance
Book 7 in the
Emerald Isle Fantasies series
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When Tannis first sees an iconic painting by Irish nationalist artist Brendan Pearse, she's stunned that the naked woman in the picture looks exactly like her, even down to the intricate Celtic tattoo on her breast. Seeking answers, she travels to Castle Tullamore, an ancient Irish stronghold steeped in magic, where the artist lived and worked a hundred years ago. Inexplicably, she is whisked back in time and meets him face to face.

Brendan doesn't know what to make of this otherworldly woman who seems to have come out of nowhere to be his model. But he knows she's exactly the woman he needs for his Irish Freedom trilogy. At the risk of endangering his master work, and against all his own rules, he knows he can never hope to capture her essence on canvas without first possessing her body in the flesh.

But their time together will be heart-breakingly brief, because Tannis knows Brendan died tragically young, and there's nothing she can do to change history.

A Romantica time travel erotic romance from Ellora's Cave

Book 7 in the series


One for the Road

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When Lindsay Thomas gets caught in the rain in the middle of the night, taking refuge in a friend's camper is the perfect answer. But the next morning, when she finds herself a long way from home, alone in the wilds with a total stranger, the lucky break turns into a whole different game. Especially since Lindsay, having just broken up with her straitlaced boyfriend, has sworn she's ready to have sex with the first man to come along.

Cade McKenna's life is finally looking up. A pickup truck, the open road, nothing but freedom ahead. And with any luck, he'll find a woman to put an end to the past year of enforced celibacy. As soon as possible. He has no idea just how soon, until his first stop, when he discovers he has a stowaway, a woman who's equally deprived and equally ready to make all that deprivation history.

For three days and nights, the chance-met passionate strangers slake each other's sexual thirst and stoke each other's desires. Until they have to face the reality of their very separate worlds.

ONE FOR THE ROAD is a TOP PICK from Camryn at Night Owl Reviews

"Great storyline, great emotional depth, great characters, great sex scenes aplenty! I will be looking for other books by this author. Rated 5 stars. Definitely the best book I've read in months. A rare NOR Top Pick!"

My first erotic romance from Ellora's Cave


Informed Consent Click on the image to buy the book

If you dare to come near me again, I swear I'll take that as your consent for me to use you any way I choose....

With equal parts determination and trepidation--and a low heat forming in her gut--Tara Calloway risks more than her heart to carry a vital message to her long-ago would-be lover, both hopeful and fearful of the reception that awaits her.

Can she keep it strictly business between them, for everyone's sake, or will Joe Corbett seize this chance to carry out the graphic agenda of explicitly sexual threats--promises?--depicted in the letter he wrote her six years ago in a paroxysm of heat and anger and bruised pride?

And will she let him?

INFORMED CONSENT received 4.5 out of 5 Paddles from Karen at BDSM Book Reviews

"... packs a lot of detail and a lot of emotion in just 80 pages.
This was a well written story, one that kept the reader turning the page to see what was going on. Definitely an author to watch."

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